April 5-11, 1991
Launched the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory.
Jay Apt and crewmate Jerry Ross made 2 spacewalks, performing an emergency repair on the Gamma Ray Observatory, then testing equipment for the new International Space Station. Apt and Ross were awarded the Korolev Diploma for the emergency repair of Gamma Ray Observatory
Compton Gamma Ray Observatory web site
NASA STS-37 site

September 12-20, 1992
Cooperative US-Japanese Space Laboratory.
Apt was Endeavourís Flight Engineer, and commander of one of the two shifts on this round-the-clock science mission. One of the crew was the first Japanese citizen to fly aboard the Shuttle.
NASA STS-47 site

April 9-20, 1994
Earth mapping mission using three imaging radars and a carbon monoxide sensor aboard the Shuttle. Jay Apt commanded one of the two shifts. Cooperative US-German-Italian mission.
JPL Shuttle Imaging Radar web site
NASA STS-59 site

September 16-26, 1996
Docking flight with Russian Mir Space Station; returned Dr. Shannon Lucid to Earth after her 6-month stay aboard Mir.
NASA Shuttle-Mir web site
NASA STS-79 site

Nice links to STS-79 photos (note the 14 pages)
Three mpeg videos from STS-79

STS-47 Mission Patch
STS-59 Mission Patch
STS-79 Mission Patch


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