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STS003-010-613 White Sands New Mexico March 1982
STS027-039-027 Himalaya and Northeast India December 1988
STS028-088-026 Mount Saint Helens August 1989
STS030-087-042 Northeastern Air Mountains Niger May 1989
STS031-151-016   Linear Sand Dunes Mauritania April 1990
STS034-072-067 San Diego California October 1989
STS034-076-088 Puerto Rico October 1989
STS034-086-096 Greece October 1989
STS036-152-013 Seattle March 1990
STS036-152-252 Tassili-N -Ajjer Plateau Algeria March 1990
STS037-077-015   Lake Faguibine Mali April 1991
STS040-072-043 P'ohang South Korea June 1991
STS040-074-002 Azores Atlantic Ocean June 1991
STS043-079-097 Tenerife Island Canary Islands August 1991
STS043-608-045 Okinawa Ryukyu Islands August 1991
STS045-152-105   Southern Tip of Greenland March 1992
STS045-152-274   Manila and Taal Volcano March 1992
STS046-078-026   Rondonia Brazil August 1992
STS048-073-00Q Iceberg S.Atlantic Ocean September 1991
STS048-077-046   Brandberg Structure Namibia September 1991
STS049-902-071   Sahara Dust Storm May 1992
STS056-152-160   Maldives April 1993
STS057-073-075   Eastern Mediterranean Sea June 1993
STS066-089-069 Taiwan November 1994
STS067-726-094   Christmas Island Pacific Ocean March 1995
STS068-258-042   Bora-Bora Society Islands October 1994
STS068-058-028   Mount Everest October 1996
STS075-721-047   Mekong River Delta Vietnam February 1996
STS077-717-018     Cyprus May 1996
STS61A-200-046   Sea of Crete November 1985
ISS001-ESC-6765  Himalaya ridge March 2001
ISS002-ESC-5654 Bolivia rainforest clearing April 2001

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