“Jay Apt's shuttle mission slides are truly out of this world. He mesmerized the audience with his breathtaking photos of space travel. It's the next best thing to space travel.” Amy B. Koranda, National Air Transportation Association

“Wanted to make you aware of the tremendously positive impact your Leadership presentation had on my meeting and the people who attended from twelve cities in the Northeast U.S. and Canada. We'll most certainly be asking you back!” Robert W. Rudzki, BEA Systems Incorporated

“Our members thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Apt's stunning lecture. His engaging manner complements well his knowledge of the space program and outstanding photographs.” Joan W. Cassedy, American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL)

“The feedback on your talk was fantastic. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with you.” Stacey McFadzen, Canadian Water Resources Network

“It was one of the nicest after dinner presentations that I have ever attended.” Dr. Neil Gehrels, Gamma conference chair

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Praise for Jay Apt’s book Orbit:

“...provides a very real sense of the wonder and majesty that astronauts experience as they gaze upon our world from above.” - Senator John Glenn, the first American to orbit and photograph Earth.

“A magnificent testament to what we see and feel from space: Earth so splendid, Earth so fragile.”
- Frank Borman, commander of Apollo 8, the first mission to orbit the Moon.





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